3 Reasons Why You Should be Using GACNs’ Website Checker Tool

Our website checker tool is an all in one aid for your website. It not only provides useful tools, detects issues, and keeps track of your competitors but also monitors your social media analytics. The tool is helpful for websites of all levels and will ultimately help you grow your website and business.

1. Website Checker helps with keywords & ranks tracking

Using the right keywords targeted to your audience is important because it helps with ranking on search engines. With that in mind, the website checker tool will find the most effective keywords for your site while also monitoring your site rankings along with your competitor’s site on over 370 search engines. The tool will also gather information about your ranking results on places such as news, images, google ads, and more!  All of the information gained here will help guide you to improve your website by using appropriate keywords and result in a higher ranking.

2. It provides SEO tools

The website checker tool also provides many helpful SEO tools for a site audit. The tools provided will help detect any issues along with advice on how to fix them. Some of the issues it can detect are broken links and images. The tool will also measure your page loading speed and mobile-friendliness. Another helpful tool is the backlink checker. The backlink checker will find sites that link to your competitors’ website but not your website, detect and remove unnatural backlinks, and more.

3. It will help increase website traffic

Overall, the website checker tool is vital if you want to increase your website traffic. Website traffic is important because that is an opportunity for you to gain new customers! The topics I touched upon today were just some of the tools the website checker provides.

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