How to Start a Church the Right Way


How to Start a Church the Right Way Starting a church for many people can be life changing. But most, have no idea where to start. With these proven steps, you can learn how to start a church and take your vision to from scratch to a successful ministry. Develop a Strategy to Start a Church To start a church successfully, you mush have a specific plan. Think about where you are now and where you want to be. Without a strategy or specific plan, your plan to start a church will be impossible to achieve. As you start to develop [...]

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4 Ways to Recruit Volunteers To Your Nonprofit


4 Ways to Recruit Volunteers To Your Nonprofit Volunteers form the backbone of all successful nonprofits and provide invaluable services at no cost. If your nonprofit is struggling to recruit volunteers, here are 4 ways to help you recruit more volunteers: 1. Recruit volunteers by making your mission easily visible It's important that your nonprofit mission is the first thing that people see. Your mission doesn’t have to be a paragraph long—just a phrase or 1-2 sentences can get the job done. To recruit volunteers, your mission must be clear.Include a nonprofit mission in outreach materials. This will give prospective volunteers [...]

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6 Fundraising Tips


6 Fundraising Tips Are you looking for simple fundraising tips? You're in luck! We've got 6 effective tips perfect for fundraising pages. ​There are many ways you can fundraise. It’s easy and FUN! We’re here to help you with creative ideas, resources, and fundraising tips. So, grab your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and professional contacts and let’s help women around the world. ​TELL YOUR STORY First and foremost, your supporters will want to know why you are doing this! Why did you decide to raise funds for GACN? What about women's empowerment that inspires you? Share your individual stories with your [...]

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Boost Your Nonprofit Email List


Boost Your Nonprofit Email List Inspire More Signups to Your Nonprofit’s Email List As a nonprofit, you have a lot of options to build your email list. It’s not enough to implement a generic sign-up form, and it’s important to consider how you’re asking people to sign up as well. No one wakes up in the morning saying “I can’t wait to get more email today.” At least I never have. Your emails should provide value that builds relationships and keeps people in the know about your organization. This needs to translate onto your sign-up form. The verbiage you use should [...]

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5 Winning Secrets to Online Silent Auctions Revealed


5 Winning Secrets to Online Silent Auctions RevealedSilent auctions are fun, exciting, and engaging. They benefit nonprofit organizations by offering great items that could potentially be obtained at a bargain price. Silent auctions held online are great ways to score deals on jewelry, artwork, electronics, and unique items. If you're the winning bidder, your money will go towards a great cause plus you'll have something valuable that enticed you in some way. Final bids on items are typically somewhere between 50% and 70% of the market value of the winning item. While the organization received the item either in-kind or [...]

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New Avondy Feature to Help Small Businesses


New Avondy Feature to Help Small BusinessesFree Online Appointment Scheduling Orlando, FLORIDA. (May 24, 2020) – With the coronavirus outbreak forcing businesses across the United States to close, GACN has introduced a new feature on Avondy to help women-owned small businesses capture appointments online. On May 23, GACN announced the launch of Appointments by Avondy, which gives 24-hour access to appointment availability at women-owned businesses listed on Avondy. Due to the coronavirus outbreak GACN received a significant increase in financial assistance requests from women-owned small businesses across the country. Majority of these businesses provide services, such as salons, independent insurance [...]

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