Connecting Businesses with Exceptional Talent

Connecting Businesses with Exceptional Talent

GACN provides nationwide recruitment services to businesses of all sizes. We specialize in finding and recruiting top talent for a diverse range of disciplines and industries.


What makes GACN Different Than Other Recruiting Agencies?


No markups, rate cards, contracts or hidden fees. We charge a $65 flat hourly rate for recruiting services, but there is no cost unless you successfully hire one of our submitted candidates.


See more candidates in less time with virtual screening and interviewing. Replace the time-consuming phone screening and allow candidates to complete recorded interviews at every hour of the day.


Share the video recorded responses with all team members involved and collaborate on the hiring process. That way, you get multiple opinions and screen more efficiently and effectively.


Ask the same set of questions to all job candidates and compare and evaluate their answers consistently. Every candidate gets a fair shot, and you can get a real sense for who they are in a quick and convenient way.

Here’s How It Works

Simply log in and request a quote to get started. One of our consultants will prepare your quote and email it to you within one hour. Once approved, the search begins.

Each candidate will submit a resume and complete a video interview. After prescreening, we will share resumes and video interviews of candidates that best fit your needs.

Pick your top candidate and hire them! The best news is, you are not obligated to pay until your candidate is hired.

Is There a Difference Between “Staffing Services” and “Recruiting Services?”

Generally, while staffing and recruiting have common goals, company needs for staffing and recruiting differ slightly. Staffing is most commonly associated with short-term positions while recruiting tends to take on the task of finding permanent candidates.



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