Promoting GACN with Affiliate Links

After signing up you will be able to log in to your affiliate Ambassador panel where you can access a selection of promotional materials from us.

Some tips to make money with our affiliate Ambassador program

Share or post our banners

The easiest way to promote GACN is through your website, online store, on social media or blog pages if there’s any. It’s easy for your visitors to notice and you will be generating commissions in no time.

Write a review of our programs and services

By writing a review on Google, you can let people know about our programs and services. Feel free to include your affiliate link at the end of the review for those who are interested to join. You can also post your review to social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for more publicity.

Create a blog about GACN

There are a lot of free blogging sites such as Blogger and WordPress. You can write blogs about GACN programs and services and include your affiliate link in them. Once the search engine picks up your blog, more traffic will visit your blogs and help increase your referrals. Interested in guest blogging for GACN? Contact us today for more information!

Join marketing forums

Make frequent contributions to popular threads in forums such as and You can add the affiliate link into your signature, or you can also include your blog links into your signature. So whenever you comment or make a post, everyone can see your signature and click on your affiliate link.

Send an email

Know some friends who might need GACN services? Treat this as a referral link and send this link to all your friends!

Send out newsletters

If you own an email list of newsletter subscribers, you can send them an email telling them about GACN. Feel free to use some information that you can find from our homepage and do remember to include your affiliate link in the newsletter.

*We do not tolerate spamming in any way.