Overcoming the Odds: Chapter 2

Besides my mother and father, I also lived with my sister and three brothers Calvin, Rob, Geo, and Scarlet. My brother Calvin and sister Scarlet were both older than me and were from previous relationships that my mother had with other men. Calvin’s father was spending time in prison, and Scarlet’s father was killed during an armed robbery. Geo and I shared the same father, Gorgeous George, while my youngest brother Rob was from a man my mother met during her on and off relationship with my father. We lived in Michigan, the most prominent and most impoverished projects in Fort Myers in a small three-bedroom apartment that had brick walls, concrete floors, and a damaged roof that was home to a group of bats.

“Sabrina!” yelled my mother. Come downstairs and drink this V8 before Geo drinks it. I don’t have any money for dinner, so you better drink it if you don’t want to starve before bedtime,” she said. “But mom, I hate drinking V8, it doesn’t taste good,” I quickly replied. “Girl, if you don’t get in here and drink this V8, I’m going to spank your butt,” said my mother. As I slowly began crawling off my old, beat up, stained twin size mattress that was sitting on this cold, hard tiled floor, I heard a small growling noise coming from my stomach. I soon realized this was going to be a long night.

As I made my way down this long, narrow, dark brown concrete stairwell, I finally met my mother at the bottom, holding this small can of V8 juice. “Drink it!” she said while placing the small can in the palm of my hand, “It’s good for you.” Gradually I started sipping V8 juice and soon noticed an odor coming from the can that was so strong, I started gagging after every sip. “Girl, stop playing with me, you are pissing me off. You know what, give it to me,” my mom screamed while yanking the V8 juice from my hand. Before I knew it, tears started rolling down my face and onto my cheeks like a downpour on a rainy day. I couldn’t believe the woman I loved so much would hurt me so badly. My mother never screamed at us; she loved us too much. Something must be bothering her, but what could it be? Why is she so angry? I pondered over these questions as she stared down at me with this wicked look on her face.

“And where do you think you are going?” she yelled as I lifted myself off the floor and begun running back upstairs, sobbing hysterically. “I’m going to finish sleeping,” I replied as I continued to cry. “No! You’ve been wearing those clothes for two days, hurry up and take a bath, before the water gets cold. We’ve already turned off the hot water heater because I’m tired of spending all my money on electricity, so hurry up,” she yelled from downstairs. After making my way upstairs, I took a bath and soon found myself snuggled under my torn, filthy blanket for good night sleep.

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