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How does NetExpress Work?

NetExpress leverages the true power of business networking to help you build local and global relationships quickly.

Let’s see if this sounds familiar…

You want to reach a larger audience and convert more leads new customers.

You’ve heard about a face-to-face networking event, but you need to bring in new customers fast.

You share posts on social media about your products or services, and after you do, you ask yourself some questions…

“…Will enough people see my social media posts? Why aren’t my posts getting liked?”

Fair questions to ask when social media is the main platform you use to reach potential customers.

Then, as you inquire about other ways to reach a larger audience, you learn about NetExpress…

An online business networking platform to help small businesses find partners to promote their products or services.

Immediatley you join and post your first listing, because other businesses are doing the same thing.

You find the perfect business partner with many social media followers to share your product or service.

After connecting and discussing your requirements, the partner shares your business on their social media pages in exchange for someting in return.

Soon, you are feeling great, because you start receiving new customers and you are meeting your sales goals.

Does this story sound familiar?

It should, because reaching wide audiences is vital to most small businesses. Sometimes all they need is a business connection with a large customer base to tip the scales in your favor.

That’s the power of business networking, and that power can be leveraged on our site with NetExpress – an online networking platform that utilizes real activity from real entrepreneurs to increase your site conversions by up to 15%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use NetExpress?

NetExpress is a global online business networking platform for small, medium and larger businesses. If you want to build new relationships, increase sales and grow your business, then NetExpress is for you.

How do I join NetExpress?

You can join NetExpress by creating an online account. Then you will need to verify your email address to activate your account. 

How can I get the most out of this business networking community?

Network with the users. Select the “Create a Listing” tab to create a new partnership opportunity and find a partner that fits your business best. Use the “View Listing” tab to Search networking oppotunities to promote and grow your business.

Start a discussion. Use the “Contact Seller” feature to connect with other small businesses and ask questions.

Access resources. Explore blog articles in the Free Resources section and attend member only events.

Invite others. Use the social media share buttons to encourage other small businesses to join NetExpress for more networking opportunities.

Be active! We encourage you to ask questions and create listings. Everyone using NetExpress is here to make new connections, build relationships and support one another.

What's required to use NetExpress?

NetExpress is free to use by any business.

What happens after I sign up?

You decide how you would like to start networking! You can choose to create a networking opportunity to partner with your buisness, search networking opportunities and more!

How do I report inappropriate conduct?

Use the “Report Abuse” function to report harrassment behavior, discrimination, fraud and more. We value a safe community and no form of abuse will be tolerated.