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Volunteers form the backbone of all successful nonprofits and provide invaluable services at no cost. If your nonprofit is struggling to recruit volunteers, here are 4 ways to help you recruit more volunteers:

1. Recruit volunteers by making your mission easily visible

It’s important that your nonprofit mission is the first thing that people see. Your mission doesn’t have to be a paragraph long—just a phrase or 1-2 sentences can get the job done.

To recruit volunteers, your mission must be clear.
Include a nonprofit mission in outreach materials. This will give prospective volunteers an opportunity to form a connection. Thus, encourage prospects to volunteer for your organization.

2. Build your Volunteer network to recruit volunteers

Every person working for your non-profit, including yourself, has a network that they’ve been building throughout their lives. Tap into all of your communities, institutions that you’ve attended, past co-workers, family, and friends to make your non-profit known.

Creating social media pages will also help your organization recruit volunteers. Most importantly, potential volunteers that are not familiar with your organization will gain familiarity from your page. Providing information and showcasing your nonprofit’s involvement with your community, will also help your organization recruit volunteers.

3. To recruit volunteers be specific about roles

Don’t just list the various types of volunteers you need. Be explicit about the tasks that volunteers will carry out and various projects that they’ll be working on. Make sure roles are descriptive and incorporate language that allows people to see themselves in the role.

4. Make signing up to Volunteering easy

It’s important not to lose any prospective volunteers because of a lengthy or hard to find volunteer application. Ensure that there is an easily accessible ‘Get Involved’ or similar section on your website. If your volunteer program requires an extensive application process, consider breaking the process up into different stages. The first stage being a couple of biographical and contact information questions readily available on the website. Try not to overwhelm potential volunteers and be concise so that they aren’t discouraged to sign up!

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