GACN Launches Empower Pass First of its Kind Ticketing Program

Empowering women throughout the U.S.

Orlando, FLORIDA. (January 2, 2020) — GACN, the Global Advertising Charity Network, announces the official launch of Empower Pass — a nationwide program offering free tickets to women empowerment events for millions of underserved women. Events that were once out of reach for women due to financial difficulties, are now within grasp to help them thrive.

“Life-changing events shouldn’t be limited to those with the means to buy a ticket. GACN believes every woman should have access to these events regardless of financial status,” said Sabrina Simmons, CEO, and Founder of the Global Advertising Charity Network. “By allowing women to invest in themselves, incredible things happen. We all win.”

  • Events can range from a couple of hours to multiple day workshops.
  • GACN purchases tickets on ticketing websites and transfers those tickets to women through its Empower Pass program.
  • Individuals can support Empower Pass by sponsoring or donating tickets.

About GACN

GACN mission is to connect women around the globe with resources that empower them to break the cycle of poverty, forge new opportunities, care for their families, and strengthen their communities. GACN is a fast-growing nonprofit organization headquartered in Central Florida.

For more information on Empower Pass, visit or click here to contact us.

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