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The Global Advertising Charity Network (GACN) highlighted recent accomplishments on its monthly conference call with supporters.

Sabrina Simmons, President of GACN, boasted of some of the organizations key accomplishments in January including the launch of its online community and first-of-its-kind Empower Pass program.

Empower Pass is a nationwide program offering free tickets to women empowerment events for millions of underserved women. GACN also unveiled its Ambassador Program, to connect more women to resources and programs that help them reach economic sustainability.

As part of its continued efforts to strengthen the nonprofit community, GACN awarded the Womack Karate Academy with Creative Services Grants. The grant was used to develop advertising materials to help the organization reach women and provide them with classes that teach self-defense and self-confidence.

GACN will continue its focus on connecting women around the globe with resources that empower them to break the cycle of poverty, forge new opportunities, care for their families, and strengthen their communities.