Empowering students in Central Florida

Orlando, FLORIDA. (June 28, 2021) — GACN, the Global Advertising Charity Network Inc., announces the official launch of GACN Homes — a new home remodeling division that aims to provide skilled trades training to high school students and underrepresented individuals.  

The GACN Homes division comes at a time when the skilled trade industry is experiencing a rapidly declining workforce across Central Florida and around the country.

“GACN Homes is poised to be a pivotal tool for both small businesses seeking highly-skilled workers, residents desperate for critical home repairs or remodeling and people looking to transform their careers, expand their skillset and reach economic sustainability,” said Sabrina Simmons, President of GACN. “The GACN Homes division is about providing opportunities to students and underrepresented individuals in Central Florida.”

To begin addressing the critical trade skills gap, GACN Homes is offering students:

  • The opportunity to learn a skilled trade while earning income
  • The ability to earn a living wage without accumulating student debt
  • Free job placement services after completion of the apprenticeship program

About GACN

Our mission is to grow communities by connecting entrepreneurs with residents and advancing the trade skills of young people and people from underrepresented groups. GACN is a fast-growing nonprofit organization headquartered in Central Florida.

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