Why You Should Intern With GACN


Why You Should Intern With GACN It is currently my last week interning with the Global Advertising Charity Network. Before I leave, I want to share my experience with you. In just a few months while interning for GACN, I gained a wealth of knowledge that I will apply for the rest of my life. Although this was my first experience interning with a nonprofit organization, I've fallen in love with the experience and I never want to stop! GACN is an organization that genuinely cares about entrepreneurship. The mission of GACN is to empower, educate, and guide entrepreneurs. If you [...]

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Top 5 Tips to Rock Your Virtual Interview


Top 5 Tips to Rock Your Virtual Interview With the increase in remote internships and job opportunities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has also been an increase in virtual interviews. Here you will find the top tips you need to rock your next virtual interview.  1. Test your technology Technology is an important aspect of a virtual interview. Employers want to see that you are technologically competent and able to handle yourself well through video conferencing programs. Before your interview, you should do a mock interview with another person to make sure your video and audio is working appropriately. You [...]

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5 Sites Like Poshmark To Consider


5 Sites Like Poshmark To Consider Looking to sell clothes online for cash? Then check out our top 5 sites like Poshmark that you should consider. Start selling clothing on these sites today and earn extra cash to pay bills or unplanned expenses. 1. Avondy Avondy provides a fresh approach to selling clothing online. You cannot only list items for sale on Avondy, but if you subscribe to an entrepreneur membership, you can request one-on-one personalized marketing services. This marketing service, also known as Avondy Support, will help you sell your clothing faster. You can also use the service to help [...]

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How to Relax and Unwind After a Stressful Day


How to Relax and Unwind After a Stressful Day We all know how debilitating a stressful day can be. During days like that, these tips might come in handy. Cater these tips whichever way you need to help you relax and unwind after a stressful day! Read on for some useful advice. Relax and unwind with an outlet through which to express your feelings  Whether it is a person or journal, simply getting your stress out into the open can be the starting point to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Sometimes, it can even be the one thing you [...]

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How to Start Your Day the Right Way


How to Start Your Day the Right Way If you’re having trouble being productive throughout the day, you may want to change how your mornings start! Use these simple tips to start your day the right way for maximum productivity! Set an alarm for early in the morning...and don’t click snooze Start your day the right way by setting a sleep schedule for yourself and be true to it! When your alarm goes off in the morning, don’t be tempted to click snooze! You can even try to move your alarm clock or phone out of reach from you to lower [...]

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5 Tips For Decluttering


5 Tips For Decluttering Clutter can be the thing that is clogging up your life and not allowing you to have a comfortable space for yourself at home. Whether it is sentiment or memories that is keeping you from getting rid of your clutter, getting past it will definitely be like a breath of fresh air. Now I don’t mean clutter like furniture, I mean like those pairs of pants that you haven’t worn in a couple years but you still keep because you might want to someday. Or those bins of old cables in your closet that don’t have a [...]

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5 Subscription Boxes You Need in Your Life


5 Subscription Boxes You Need in Your Life When you think about the word “subscription,” you probably think about Netflix or Hulu, not about cool products in the mail every month. Well, I’m here to tell you that subscription boxes exist! And they arrive every month filled with things that are endlessly exciting. After all, the best part about ordering something is receiving it in the mail. It’s like the holidays all over again! By signing up for subscription boxes, you can keep a hobby alive and flourishing with new products every month, or simply sign up to a service that [...]

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10 Power Snacks for the Brain


10 Power Snacks for the Brain Are you ever working on a project and stop for a snack and then after the snack, you’re feeling a bit drowsy and in the mood for a nap? You probably grabbed the wrong snack! One thing is true: what you eat determines your mood and can dictate how well you commit yourself to the task at hand. This post is for those of us who have a hard time choosing a good power snack to keep  going and often opt for an easier snack than for the healthier snack! Dark chocolate is a great [...]

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The Biggest Misconceptions About Joy


The Biggest Misconceptions About Joy One of the most important things that we aren’t ever taught but need to practice is joy. Most of us have gone through at least 12 years of schooling but never truly learned the importance of practicing joy because there were no classes about it. I compiled this list of misconceptions about joy because I think we’re all in need of a re-introduction to what joy is and what it should look like: Misconception #1: Joy is an “every now and then” type thing Though our parents and teachers would tell us to remember to let [...]

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Why We All Need Mentors


Why We All Need Mentors Having a mentor can be life-changing. Most of us have been lucky to have mentors ever since we left the womb, with our parents and family members being the first to guide us through life in our earliest years. With every phase of our lives—from starting a new school to navigating our careers—we find ourselves asking those around us for advice. Sometimes mentorship is built in the structure of an institution, but, most of the time, we have to go find it ourselves. Want to know why mentors are so important? Well, keep reading. Misconceptions There [...]

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