5 Winning Secrets to Online Silent Auctions Revealed


5 Winning Secrets to Online Silent Auctions Revealed Silent auctions are fun, exciting, and engaging. They benefit nonprofit organizations by offering great items that could potentially be obtained at a bargain price. Silent auctions held online are great ways to score deals on jewelry, artwork, electronics, and unique items. If you're the winning bidder, your money will go towards a great cause plus you'll have something valuable that enticed you in some way. Final bids on items are typically somewhere between 50% and 70% of the market value of the winning item. While the organization received the item either in-kind [...]

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Avondy: Our Story


Avondy: Our Story We've looked at the past and we see the future! The future is Small Business. We are the ambassadors of entrepreneurs. We love elevating and empowering entrepreneurs regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin. We want to make small business ownership accessible in a way that it has never been before. Sure, that means that we have to build unbelievable programs and services. But that also means that we need to bring enlightenment to the world at large. Luckily we're passionate about entrepreneurship so we can’t hide our excitement for Avondy if we tried. [...]

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GACN Unveils Sweeping Community Enhancements Aimed at Increasing Community Engagement


GACN Unveils Sweeping Community Enhancements Aimed at Increasing Community EngagementOrlando, FLORIDA. (March 21, 2020) -- GACN, the Global Advertising Charity Network, today announced the immediate availability of new community capabilities designed to enhance community engagement and reward its most active members. The community enhancements, unveiled earlier this month on a conference call with board members, include the following additions to GACN online community: Activity Reactions Use emoji characters to express many more feelings quickly and easily on wall posts. Social Share Share activities, profiles, and groups with over 25 social networks so their content can reach a wider audience and [...]

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How to Build Your Online Group


How to Build Your Online GroupMaybe you're feeling a certain stirring in your heart to connect with others or make new friends. Maybe you are receiving major downloads that it is time to step into your power, to recognize your gifts and to lead a group. Or feeling burnt out on all the bad news circulating and looking for a way to take action? You may already be leading in your life, or, you could be at the very initial stages of stepping into your leadership role. Either way, organizing your own group could lead to new friendships. It could also [...]

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