5 Key Benefits of BuddyBlog

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  1. Become a Better Writer

At its core, BuddyBlog is a tool that is used as a form of communication. It's writing about something you're passionate about and providing valuable information for other people. To that end, BuddyBlog (is just like every other tool that has ever existed) it improves with practice. BuddyBlog will not force you to become a better writer, it’ll just happen as you do it. And becoming a better writer holds important benefits for the rest of your life—whether you are creating a book, a presentation, a résumé, or an anniversary card for your spouse.

2. Become a Better Thinker

Because the process of creating BuddyBlog's include recording thoughts, it encourages you to stop and think deeper. You will delve deeper into the matters of your life and the worldview that shapes them. Unfortunately, at this point, many will choose not to blog (or write at all) based on the faulty reasoning that they “have nothing to say.” But maybe you haven’t discovered yet what you have to say.

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3. Meet New People

Whether it be through comments, e-mails, or social media, you may be surprised at how quickly you meet people through BuddyBlog’s. And by meet people, we mean legitimately form relationships that seek to serve one another. The GACN community is friendly, encouraging, and genuinely cheering for you to succeed—the only thing missing is you.

4. Become More Confident

BuddyBlog will help you discover more confidence in your life. You will quickly realize that you do live an important life with a unique view and have something to offer others.

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5. Inspire others

Blogging can not only change your life; it can also change the life of the reader. And because blogs are free for the audience, open to the public and promoted on various digital platforms by GAN, on many levels, it is an act of giving.

It is a selfless act of service to invest your time, energy, and worldview into a piece of writing and then offer it free to anybody who wants to read it. Others will find inspiration in your writing… and that’s a wonderful feeling.